individual counselling

Individual counselling

You may come across personal concerns that you find hard to cope with. Individual counselling will help you understand and overcome your struggles.

Individual counselling may help those who:

  • Find difficulties forming or maintaining relationships
  • Are experiencing life changes
  • Are going through separation or divorce
  • Lack confidence and feel unfulfilled

What to expect from individual counselling?

Individual counselling will offer confidential space where you can share your struggles in a non judgmental environment. The session will give you time to reflect. I will help you explore events and issues that may be affecting your life. Together we will aim to improve your life in a way that suits you. This will gain insight into you as a person, your life and the decisions you make. The solution solving approach will help you to deal with similar situation differently in the future.

dsfTogether with you, we will aim to improve your life for the better.

How many sessions are needed?

In the first session, the intake, we will discuss what brought you to counselling and what your expectations are. Together we will create an outline of the issues we will focus on. This can be adjusted over time depending on the complexity of the issues. The amount of sessions depend on the problems being addressed, the needs of the client and the frequency of the sessions.

Want to know more?

I am happy to tell you more about my approach, techniques and other matters that are important to you during the counseling sessions.